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ARIS Back-2-Basics

Freshen up your ARIS installment and build a leading BPM practice

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Sometimes all you need is a fresh start. The ARIS Back-2-Basics program is a comprehensive way to reset your ARIS environment and to ensure all your business analysts and process owners are on the same page again.

ARIS Back-2-Basics helps you to align goals and modeling standards, maximizes the value you get out of your BPM ecosystem and makes it easier to manage and upgrade your ARIS business process management tools.

Back-2-Basics ARIS BPM Modeling

Start to maximize the value of your ARIS ecosystem

Our ARIS Back-2-Basics program is the best way to get your Business Process Management practice back on track. Back-2-Basics supports you by establishing clear conventions, simplifying configurations and improving the ARIS user experience.

  • Freshen-up your ARIS environment;
  • Create more value out of your ARIS installment;
  • Lower TCO of your ARIS environment;
  • Get your ARIS support team up-to-steam;
  • Get ready for migration of your ARIS install to the cloud;
  • Get your ARIS content in line with your business requirements and goals.

Go back to basics and build a leading BPM practice

bQuinds ARIS Back-2-Basics is a comprehensive program with six steps that helps you to get your BPM practice back on track. Every step of the program you’ll be guided by one of our knowledgeable BPM consultants who all have a broad experience in building BPM practices in multiple industries.

After the program you will see the following results:

  • Improve maintenance and support
  • Reduce complexity (conventions, platform, infrastructure)
  • Lower infrastructure overhead and thus reduce TCO
  • Shorten the time-to-market for changes, onboarding, and upgrades
  • Enhance user experience
  • Comply with international standards
  • Decrease costs!
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ARIS Back-2-Basics Roadmap to maximize the value of your BPM ecosystem

Let’s talk Back-2-Basics

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