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Process Mining

What is process mining, how does it work, why do you need it and some uses. 

Process mining enables companies to gain insights into their primary and secondary business processes such as purchasing and sales, customer contact moments or other operational processes. To gain maximum efficiency it’s required to improve and better understand key business processes and IT. This allows companies to identify the root causes of bottlenecks in real-time, optimize resources and scale with full productivity and confidence.  
Companies that track their process KPIs has the benefit of deeper process analysis. They can track weaknesses in their business processes and find low-risk paths to enhancement, making them more agile and competitive in the marketplace. Therefore it’s important that process data (log data or event data) is recorded in a structured manner and can be exported. See also our bSmart® approach.

Proces mining can be used for: 

  • Process discovery: mapping processes
    Mapping (underlying) processes by analyzing data and connecting the available data. 
  • Process compliance: determining whether the process went well
    By mapping the (underlying) process, this can be compared with the process design. The differences provide valuable insights from practice. 
  • Process optimisation: identifying bottlenecks in the process
    In addition to process discovery or compliance, we look for areas for improvement. Bottlenecks in the process are places where waiting times increase, steps are repeated or actions are skipped. Process mining also provides insight into where risks are in existing processes, so that they can be adjusted in time to improve the process.

A variety of processes, such as time registration, the handling of invoices and the handling of complaints in your organization, ensures that customization is required to apply process mining effectively. For example, interviews can be used to validate processes and identify areas for improvement.

When process discovery, process compliance and process optimization are properly applied, the members of the board, its internal and external audit and other departments in your organization are able to make smart and data-driven decisions. 

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