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bQuind presents ‘Back-2-Basics’ and ‘PReM©’ for ARIS Optimisation

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bQuind presents ‘Back-2-Basics’ and ‘PReM©’ for ARIS Optimisation

bQuind created an ARIS add-on for Model Release Management PReM©

Over the last period bQuind specialists have created an ARIS add-on for Model Release Management. PReM© enables customers to have much more control over models in ARIS. PReM consists of a clear, easy to configure workflow where a notification is send to a peer after a new- or changed model is concluded. If the Peer finished a quality check including automated semantic checks, the process owner is notified. The process owner then has the ability to do the final quality check on content and actual change purposes before the model is stored, published and archived.

The model and all applied changes are also stored for audit reasons.

This creates a fast and easy way of maintaining models. TCO of the ARIS environment is decreased and ARIS admin staff is supported with automated Quality management and Release management.

For more information contact Niels Doeleman,

Back-2-Basics, method for increasing ARIS content usage and decrease of ARIS TCO.

In order to start with a database containing accurate models with a high quality standard in line with determined conventions, structure and modelling notation, bQuind also compiled a great method, ‘called Back-2-Basics’, to lift the quality of ARIS content dramatically and increase the satisfaction of model consumers in line with their requirements.

The B2B method consists of three stages:

Stage 1: Analysis of the current ARIS environment:

  • ARIS Goals and end-user requirements,
  • Connect portal and other publication methods,
  • Models, Objects, Attributes, relations,
  • Notations & Conventions,
  • Filters & Templates,
  • User management,
  • Db structure,
  • ARIS Technical environment and Architecture.

Stage 2: Clean-up and reorganise:

  • Clean-up obsolete content,
  • Remove not used content,
  • Consolidate duplicate content,
  • Decrease – or remove customisations, derived models and custom configurations,
  • (re) validate content,
  • Restructure Db’s,
  • Restructure user management,
  • Report on Licenses and cost effectiveness,
  • Connect Portal configuration according to end-user requirements,
  • Optimisation of non Connect Portal publications such as .PDF, .XLS, AWARE, etc.
  • Automation and Dash-boarding for ARIS admins.

Stage 3: Consolidate, reorganise and control:

  • Train ARIS Admin,
  • Train modellers and process owners,
  • Reorganise Admin processes,
  • Promote model usage and communicate modelling value,
  • Implement PReM©.

For more information contact Niels Doeleman,

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